Overview of Ulm Extensions

Ulm University has written a number of improvements, enhancements and bug fixes for JiST/SWANS.
In addition, there is the DUCKS execution framework, which allows you as a user to run many simulations in parallel on different servers and different parameters. It also provides functionality to interact with (for example) a database server to store simulation results.
A short summary can be found below:

JiST/SWANS Improvements

  • Bugfixes
  • Java 1.5 support (with up to 40% performance increase)
  • Implementation completion

JiST/SWANS Enhancements

  • Provides new schedulers for JiST
  • Provides a new interface queue implementation which can drop packets in case the queue is full
  • Provides new mobility model to replay ns-2 mobility files
  • Provides a set of improved Map and Properties implementations
  • Provides some new applications

DUCKS Execution Framework

  • Provides a generic driver that builds simulations specified in configuration files
  • Provides a controller that is capable of running a complete simulation study on multiple JiST servers running within the network
  • Defines a structured way of collecting simulation results
  • Can store simulation results e.g. on a database server

Geographic routing

  • Geographic addressing
  • Geographic forwarding: Geounicast, Geobroadcast, Geoanycast